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At Kemp Honey, unpasteurized honey is available in a variety of containers that vary in size & shape.

The most common type of honey produced in the Peace country region is honey from clover, alfalfa & canola.

Clover honey is light in appearance, with a tendency to be white in color.

A light colored honey that has delicate mild taste.

Our bee's also produce dandelion honey, for a short time each spring.

Dandelion honey has a bold rich flavor that is yellow in color.

This aromatic honey will provide you with a wonderful boost of energy.

Honey Bears

Honey Bears

Honey Bears are available in 3 sizes;Baby Bear 8oz.(1/2lb),Mama Bear 12oz.(3/4lb)& Papa Bear32oz(2lbs)


Small Containers

Small Containers are available in 2 sizes;#1 Unpasteurized Honey 500g.,Dandelion Honey 500g.,#1 Unpasteurized Honey 1Kg.& Dandelion Honey 1Kg.


Large Containers

Large Containers are available in 3 sizes;#1 Unpasteurized Honey 6.5lbs,#1 Unpasteurized Honey 15lbs,#1 Unpasteurized Honey 35lbs.

Please contact us for current honey prices.

The sweet smell of honey & beeswax fill the air of our honey house.

Customers that enter our country store will find quality honey fresh from the farm in a variety of containers.

A seasonal favorite, is our honeycomb honey available for purchase during the summer months as a sweet treat.

Honey Containers

During the months of July and August when customers enter our on-farm store they'll gain an educational experience.

Customers who stop at our on-farm store are able to observe honey extraction & other aspects of honey processing.

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